Dear Cricket Fans

After the semi-final today between India and New Zealand, I do understand most of us are disheartened and so are our players, but after seeing the outcome of this disappointment, on social media, I’m urged to write this.

I opened my Facebook, and it was flooded with trolls of team India and Captain Kohli, and I wasn’t very surprised, because our countrymen enjoy taunting and trolling, but I was irritated by the idiocracy and immaturity of some “GREAT MINDS” (please smell the sarcasm).

I saw at least a few hundred posts on how our finest batsmen including Captain Kohli and M. S Dhoni should not have gotten out. Others blabbered and scrutinized team India’s playing skills. Well, looks like we have hundreds of coaches here, who apparently are more talented than our Team INDIA, and would love to coach them.

To ALL THOSE who put up such posts, I OPENLY CHALLENGE YOU to show your ‘FABULOUS’ skills in actions than words and get selected to be a part of team India. It’s very easy to sit on a couch munching popcorn and commenting on how one should play the game, but being there on the field and holding the bat and playing, is a different story altogether.

Those players up there, are excellently talented and skilled, and that’s the reason they are there representing our country, while you’re munching fries on your couch. How many of you think that you could even reach the basic level of selection, forget representing India on an International platform.

Moreover, before pointing out fingers at someone else, just take a look in the mirror yourself and ask, ; Have your never failed? Have you always excelled in every task of life? Are you perfect? I can vouch for your answers to be accepting a few faults and failures.

What is it that you needed the most when you failed? Your friends and relatives trolling you on social media? Or you’d expect them to come comfort you and encourage you?
WE are the citizens of our country, and probably the BIGGEST encouragement to Team India, and in times of despair, where we should be comforting them and encouraging them, our countrymen are busy trolling them. IT’S A SHAME!

I hope I’ve made my point absolutely clear, and one last thing : before you share that malicious and offensive troll, just picture yourself in it once.

P. S : Team India, we LOVE you no matter what, and you have brought us many trophies, we are PROUD OF YOU!

P. P. S : I was completely shattered at our loss too, but it’s only a game. There’s always another chance, and trolling / insulting our team is no way of handling the frustration of loss.

Side Note : This was an old post in reference to another game which I have edited because lets face it; different game, different time but I still see the same disrespectful trolls.

© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.

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