On Loving A Man

When you first meet,

He’ll sway you off your feet,

Make you weak in the knees,

And do everything you please!

All until the final day,

You give your heart away,

You believe in his love,

In the promises above !

You’ll jump oceans to see him,

Fight the society to be w/ him,

But all those efforts, all in vain,

He won’t give a damn about your pain.

Then down goes the sun,

You’re no more his hun,

You ain’t lovable anymore,

Flaws in you; galore.

He’s got the roving eye,

Watching every girl that passes by,

Amidst that, always be a whore,

Waiting to become the paramour.

Your sacrifices flushed down the drain,

You’re broken, shattered and in pain,

He’s done and said goodbye,

Cuz there’s a lot more birds in the sky!

You won’t know what hit you,

Everything suddenly askew,

You’ll sit there hurting,

While he’s out flirting !

You could love him irrevocably,

Care for him unconditionally,

He will still dump you like shit,

But never ever commit !

© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved.

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