प्रिय Sakha

Krishn yadi Sakha ban jaaye, toh jeevan kabhi anuchit disha mein nahi jaa sakta.


Kanha is the journey and the destination too,
In the pink of life and even in the blue,
He’s my Sakha and my Guide,
In him I can truly and easily confide.

His leelas – wonderful allegories,
His preachings – divine stories,
His heart – magnanimous much,
His radiant charm is transcendent such.

There aren’t enough words to express,
My beloved Krishns love and finesse.
He hears my heart even before I do,
Always comes to guide me through.

When I was shattered to the last bit,
Had Given up on life, ready to quit.
Sick of fighting and staying strong,
And Life seemed to be going all wrong!

There in that moment, swooped in My Savior,
Taught me lessons of life, love and failure,
In a snap, He turned my entire life around,
Infinite Joy and Love; in him I found.

To Earth he came from the Heavens above,
To teach us humans, the true essence of Love.
Knowing the difference between Love and Desire,
Is the core step to getting to the higher.

To say Krishn’s name alone is part,
As Radha and Krishn can ever be apart ,
They’re two bodies – one soul,
The quintessence that makes life whole.

Krishn’s Sakhi

P.S – He is the truest and kindest friend you could ever find and one who will never leave your side. Make him your Sakha (friend) and your life will change as mine did. 🙂

P.P.S – The image is not owned by me, credits on image.

© Manali Jobanputra, All Rights Reserved

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